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[A.I.M.] Problem with the french version
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Автор:  shorinji [ Ср 21 июн 2006 2:23 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  [A.I.M.] Problem with the french version

hi all,
i have the french version of AIM and i have some bugs, does anyone know if there is a patch to correct thoses bugs? or if i can access to the console of the game in order to try to go through the bugs?
thanks for your help

Автор:  СЕВА [ Ср 21 июн 2006 5:51 ]
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You can speak in Russian?

And what bugs you have?

Автор:  shorinji [ Ср 21 июн 2006 10:28 ]
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i can't speak russian but here is the only place where there are people speaking about the game, all other forums are dead, even the editor's one, the editor abandonned the game with non patch and no support.
for the bugs, i have graphical bugs and sound bugs that don't prevent me to play
but in the restrictor base (i don't know if it is the name in english) i have to give an information analyser, i have it and it doesn't work when i cick on "give it", that's why i can't access to the restrictors equipment.
i already finished the game but i would likje to experiment that equipment
thanks for your help

P.S. someone knows when AIM2 will arrive in france?

Автор:  Partal [ Ср 21 июн 2006 14:32 ]
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Hello Shorinji.
This forum has patch (Патч 1.04) only for russian version. I'm not sure, if it will be work on french version, but if you want you can try.
You can download it from (use russian view - in english view that link is not avaliable). Go to "SKYRIVER STUDIO"/"Поддержка" ("support" in english vw)/AIM(click)/on the top of the screen push on link "Патч 1.04".
When download will be done, you can try use it.
I hope it wiil be work.

Автор:  al@crazy [ Ср 21 июн 2006 15:56 ]
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Partal писал(а):
I hope it wiil be work.

no, it surely won't

I know that patches with even numbers (1.02, 1.04) are ONLY for Russian version. For foreign developers had odd versions (1.03 and so on). But I don't know if they're for English version only or for all of the foreign. I don't know who's publisher of AIM in France, but you should try to contact him... if it is impossible - stay in touch, I'm sure developers would help you! :wink:

Автор:  shorinji [ Ср 21 июн 2006 16:18 ]
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When you speak about publisher you mean the editor? If yes, i already contacted the company and they told me that they would give no support for this game. I wonder if i can convert my french version in english version and take the english patches, do you think that it is possible?
For the russian version patches i think it won't work because there are differences between different languages versions.
For french version patches, the editor said that they don't have patch and that they won't have one because they won't publish the game again. (i think that in france the game didn't attract many people, only a few people like me liked the game)
I like the universe and the story and hope that AIM2 will be at least translated in english lol.
Thanks for your help

Автор:  Troya [ Ср 21 июн 2006 16:37 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: problem with the french version

shorinji писал(а):
i have the french version of AIM and i have some bugs, does anyone know if there is a patch to correct thoses bugs?

Try to download this one (it's for the English version):

As for AIM2 in France you can ask on forum of our publisher here: or write to e-mail that is mentioned on their site.

Автор:  shorinji [ Пт 23 июн 2006 14:19 ]
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hi all,
i tried all the patches but they don't work i don't know what to do so if someone has an idea lol
anyway thanks for trying to help me

Автор:  BioQuake [ Чт 28 янв 2016 23:02 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: problem with the french version

Still struggling with the patches.

I have tried everything so far, but nothing has worked yet.
Does anyone have a link to a different english patch? (if there is one)


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