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[A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars] F.A.Q.
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Автор:  Микс [ Чт 7 янв 2016 19:43 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  [A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars] F.A.Q.

Here will be published answers to frequently asked questions. Before you ask, read this topic until the end. Answers are relevant for the release version of the game on Steam and maybe others.

  • Game crashes when loading the Rocks sector and training sector. In the log appears "Error in TEX_L1_LAMP_CLIFF model" message.

    Use this guide.

  • Is there a way to improve graphics in the game?

    Except the default settings, you can try this guide to change the antialiasing quality.

  • Are there any additional tools for creating screenshots? And what are the hotkeys for those?

    For screenshots creation:

    • F1 - First-person view.
    • F3 - A third person view.
    • F6 - The camera is fixed. Interface disappears.
    • F7 - The camera position is fixed, but it follows the glider. Interface disappears.
    • F8 - Free camera.
    • F12 - Standard button to create a screenshot in Steam (configurable in the Steam settings).

    Also there are the following hotkeys:

    • F5 - Quick save.
    • F9 - Quick loading.
    • F10 - Game menu.

  • Is there an official game guide in English?

    Maybe this can help.

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